Ease of Use

By focusing on web applications and introducing a breakthrough level of automation with our Self-Learning mechanism, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity has designed a simple solution, requiring minimal effort from users and adding no extra workload for operators.

Access Control

Organizations need to be able to control who accesses their sensitive assets and what they do with it. Central access monitoring and user activity tracking help ensure that users don’t misuse their rights. You will be able to identify suspicious behavior and take action directly to minimize risks.

Unified Authentication

Users struggle with multiple IDs and credentials to access multiple applications. Web Single Sign On is the answer, it makes their life much easier. Application developers will also benefit from a centralized service, handling all user authentication, without having to modify their applications.


The solution is easy to implement, requires no change to the applications, or need to deploy an agent. The application learning mode speeds the creation of rules and advanced controls to ensure you have a maximum inbound protection.

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