Comprehensive view of all IT vulnerabilities

Scan your entire IT infrastructure, from network devices, wifi access points (using the portable version), server and workstation operating systems and applications. The various form factors (virtual machine, SaaS and USB key) let you scan corporate and remote sites, from an internal or an external perspective, depending on your needs.

Prioritize and Remedy

DenyAll Vulnerability Manager produces concise reports for management and actionable reports for operational teams, with all the information they need to fix issues. Vulnerabilities can be prioritized based on technical severity and the business importance of the assets. Tickets can be assigned to team members to eradicate the vulnerabilities.

Virtually patch application-layer vulnerabilities

The integration with DenyAll Web Application Firewalls enables the virtual patching of application-layer vulnerabilities, to prevent exploits until the vulnerability is finally removed. It also simplifies the provisioning of ad hoc security policies for unprotected applications.

Data privacy

With DenyAll Vulnerability Manager, your vulnerability data doesn’t leave your network. Even in SaaS mode, we remove any data from our systems once a report has been sent to you. As a European vendor, DenyAll is not subject to US Patriot Act.

Continuous improvement

Specify the time of the scheduled scan to ensure the continuous health of your IT assets on a time-based comparison of vulnerabilities. By keeping track of scans over time, Vulnerability Manager helps IT and security teams implement a continuous auditing and improvement plan.


DenyAll Vulnerability Manager is delivered on the Amazon Web Services marketplace, on Microsoft Azure and on many OpenStack platforms.

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