Control and segregation of duties

A unique console to define your application security policy and manage clusters of physical or virtual appliances enhances the productivity of security administrators. It provides global visibility and control, while allowing various teams to organize their work, thus saving time and ensuring greater productivity.

Reporting and monitoring

Without measurable goals, it is challenging to measure the success of a security policy. Performance and security dashboards give a view of the application infrastructure’s status on traffic, application response time, errors and security events. Get real-time alerting on attacks, and export data to produce custom reports in PDF format.

Role-Based Access Control

Increased control of your security policy by centralizing the deployment and administration of all DenyAll products and, thus, minimize administration costs, both in terms of time and resources required. The ability to roll out an application security policy reduces cost of ownership.

SIEM Integration

One-click integration with a Splunk-native application helps drill down into log data, measure the efficiency of the policy in order to adjust it to your organization’s specific threats and constraints. Data correlation let’s you analyze the origins and causes of incidents, both during and after a crisis.

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