Vulnerability Management

DenyAll’s vulnerability scanners  help organizations detect the network, system and application layer vulnerabilities which can potentially be exploited by hackers to gain access and steal your data. Based on a shared platform, they meet the needs of auditors, IT and security teams alike.

Web Application Security

DenyAll’s web application firewalls (WAF)  protect any application accessible via a web browser or mobile app. That includes Internet-facing transactional web sites (e-Banking, e-Commerce, e-Government, etc) , messaging and collaborative portals, critical databases and web services based communications.

Web Access Management

DenyAll’s Web Access Manager (WAM) helps safely connect users to your web applications, making security easier for them (single sign on), while strengthening authentication for protected applications. DenyAll Client Shield makes sure the browsers connecting to your applications are not the vectors of data leakages.

Security Management

DenyAll products provide the ability to centrally manage controls, wherever and whenever they need to be deployed, and to make sense of the data they log, with centralized dashboarding and reporting based on key security indicators. This is essential to understanding what happened, after the fact, and improving over time.

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