Heartbleed explained by DenyAll’s CTO:

The OpenSSL bug known as Heartbleed is probably the web security vulnerability of the decade, affecting two thirds of the Internet’s servers. Since April 7th 2014, the result is a widespread panic, worldwide, as system administrators rush to secure their websites and applications. Here’s what you need to know and do.

Watch the Webcast (about 30 minutes)

Presented by Renaud Bidou (CTO), this webinar is focused on :
– Heartbleed Overview: What is the vulnerability? What exactly happened? Everything you always wanted to know about it, but were afraid to ask.
– Examining the impact: How the vulnerability allows an attacker to read bits of memory on an affected server, and how it’s not only breaking encryption (session IDs, cookies, credentials..), but also the private keys that make HTTPS encryption work in the first place.
– Remediation: Heartbleed leaks information without leaving any trace: how to check whether your website or application have been compromised? If they have, how to fix them beyond a simple password change?

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