Want to be a Super Hero?

Discover DenyAll IP Reputation Service

As kids, many of us wished to be a superhero, to possess an exceptional power to demolish the villains.  Today, DenyAll offers you the opportunity to become the IT superhero of your company thanks to the power of IP Reputation paired with User Reputation Scoring. The newly announced DenyAll IP Reputation Service is the result of an agreement signed with Webroot, the market leader in next-generation endpoint protection and cloud-based collective threat intelligence. You can now combine information about the category of threats an IP address has been associated with (botnets, scanners, DDoS, anonymous proxies, spammers, malware), together with a reputation score. Not so bad, isn’t it?

Watch the webcast (about 35 minutes)

Presented by Vincent Maury (DenyAll CTO) and Matthew Aldridge (Solution Architect at Webroot), this webcast is focused on:
– What is Webroot’s threat intelligence service telling us about the threat landscape?
– Why IP reputation scoring increases security effectiveness?
– How is the DenyAll IP Reputation Service integrated with DenyAll Web Application Firewalls (WAFs)?
– What benefits can you derive from combining IP Reputation and User Reputation Scoring?

Download the products overview