Partners: Looking for more margin in security?

The rise of cybercrime is slowing down your customers’ digital transformation, they need website security to become a lot more efficient and affordable than it has been. By offering a managed security service, Cloud Protector is the right solution for your customers. As a powerful service, it is leveraging a relationship of trust between our company and partners. A level of trust that should be based on a set of objective criteria.

Watch the webcast (about 30 minutes)

Presented by Stéphane de Saint Albin (CMO) and Bruno Abelin (Strategic Channel Manager), this webinar is focused on:
– How does Cloud Protector fit your customer needs?
– What are the main differences with a traditional WAF?
– How easy are the set up and management of Cloud Protector?
– What are the partner benefits?
– How Cloud Protector can increase your margin and income?

Download the products overview