Discover the key features of R&S®Web Access Manager

With R&S®Web Acess Manager, streamline the authentication process to all your Web applications, simplify security for your users

key features of Web Access Manager

Web Single Sign On

Users only have to login once to be granted access to all web applications, be they internal or external.

Web Single Sign on

Once authenticated, users access a portal page with links to all the applications they are entitled to use. No second login required, WAM replays the application specific authentication sequence for them.


All perimeter and application authentication methods are supported to simplify the process for users, enforce your policy.


Perimeter: login/password forms, http basic headers, client certificates, Kerberos, LDAP, Radius, mOTP, OTP/SMS, Elcard
Application: form, http basic, NTLM, custom using SAML assertion, http header.


Application credentials are learned by the system automatically so that developers don’t have to modify their application.


WAM learns how each application handles user authentication, using various methods, with a view to replaying the sequence for users once they are authenticated at the perimeter level.


Simplifying security for users means administrators can define their managing user access based on profiles and group policies.


WAM uses an existing Radius/LDAP directory or builds its own by importing data from various sources. The self-learning facility seamlessly synchronizes user accounts and passwords previously managed by applications.

Password Reset

Lost passwords are a major disturbance for users and administrators, impacting the effectiveness of your security policy.

Password Reset

Thanks to the self-service portal, users can reset their password themselves, thus easing the burden on your helpdesk team.


Deployed as a standalone service running inside the network, or combined with the Web Application Firewall, in the DMZ.


WAM can be setup as an application authentication service/gateway, centralizing the authentication process inside the network perimeter. Or installed as a complementary module of Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity WAF for holistic security.

Forensics Analysis

Analyze your authentication logs to understand who did what in case of an attack, suspend or revoke rights as needed.

Forensics Analysis

WAM creates a central facility for monitoring how people are taking advantage of - and sometimes misusing - their access rights. Its logs can help understand who did what and when, and ensure they don’t do it again.


Combine SSO with web application security (R&S®Web Application Firewall) and web services security (R&S®Web Services Firewall).


Deploy R&S®Web Access Manager with R&S®Web Services Firewall to secure the applications users are connecting to, and with R&S®Web Services Firewall to secure the XML traffic generated by the Service Oriented Applications they are consuming.

Certifications & Awards

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is trusted by 600 demanding customers in all sectors of activity and awarded for its innovation and reliability.

Certified by ANSSI (CSPN)

The French national agency for information security has certified R&S®Web Application Firewall (WAF) for its first level security certification.

Label France Cybersecurity

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity  is awarded “France Cybersecurity Label” by the French government, which proves the quality and performance of our R&S®Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Gartner’s MQ for WAFs

In the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Web Applications Firewalls, Gartner underlines the ease of use and in-depth security features of R&S®Web Application Firewall.

Why choose R&S®Web Access Manager?

Discover why deploying R&S®Web Access Manager is the right solution for you

  • Strong authentication for all

    Because all authentication methods are supported, security remains simple for users, even if technically advanced.

  • Make security easier for users

    Because making the daily life of your users easier is the best way to effectively secure access to your IT.

  • Integrated security

    Because we can take care of securing both user access and the data they are accessing, on the same or on multiple devices.

  • Agent-less deployment

    Because you can’t afford to change how your web applications handle authentication, but need the share service value.

  • Team productivity

    Because your admins and developers need to share best practices, release code fast without losing time on repetitive tasks.

  • NextGen Application Security

    Because protecting your IT requires an integrated solution, combining scanning, web application/services security and user access.

Form Factors

Deploy your Web Access Manager (WAM) anywhere, even in the Cloud


Dell appliance bundles

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity appliances offer price/performance choice that meet the IT needs of small and large companies. No installation needed, it takes only a few minutes to deploy a WAF.


Virtual machine (VM)

The software relies on a CentOS Linux operating system which has been  optimized and hardened to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of security and performance.


Cloud-based solution

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity takes application security to the cloud and is delivering WAM on the Amazon Web Services marketplace, on Microsoft Azure and on many OpenStack platforms.

Customer references

What our customers are saying about R&S®Web Access Manager.

R&S®Web Application Firewall based on reverse-proxy technology has enabled us to streamline the publication of our web applications. Coupled with the SSO Web, we were able to strengthen and simplify user access to applications.
In order to facilitate and secure access to our applications, we decided to centralize the connections with the Web SSO.
Jean-François Maurey
Jean-Marc LEGOUHY & Sylvain MORET

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