Key features of DenyAll Cloud Protector

Protect your digital life, secure and accelerate your web sites and cloud-based apps in a few clicks.

Effective Security

Leveraging DenyAll’s long expertise, Cloud Protector effectively protects your web apps against the most common attacks

Effective Security

Cloud Protector uses several engines of DenyAll’s enterprise-class WAF, including heuristics, grammatical analysis and IP reputation scoring, to block the most common attacks, as described in OWASP’s Top10 list


Securing Web apps doesn’t have to be complicated… Subscribe, redirect your traffic to Cloud Protector and you’re done!


Protecting your web apps is only a few clicks away. Choose the plan and security policy that match your needs. Follow Cloud Protector’s advice on how to change your DNS settings. That’s it, you’re protected!


A fully-automated WAF, Cloud Protector scales intelligently to adjust to your web applications’ fluctuating traffic

Web Security

Leverage the power and scalability of the cloud to improve the security of your applications. Cloud Protector’s automation means you don’t have anything to do, it creates new WAF instances as needed


Cloud Protector safeguards your business reputation by ensuring your web properties are reliably available, globally


Cloud Protector uses load-balancing, compression and global caching to optimize user experience and site performance. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures fast access to web content, wherever users connect from


Knowing you’re secured is good, seeing it is better. Cloud Protector lets you monitor your apps’ security & performance


Cloud Protector supports role delegation, so several administrators can contribute. While policy can be defined globally, monitoring and false positive resolution tasks can be distributed to various team members


Hosted in European datacenters, Cloud Protector provides confidence that your data isn’t subject to legal US interceptions


DenyAll is not subject to the US Patriot Act and USA Freedom Act. As a result, metadata about how your applications are used can’t legally be collected and communicated to American intelligence agencies.

DDoS Protection

The Enterprise plan includes protection against Distributed Denial of Service attacks, at the network & application layers

DDoS Protection

Cloud Protector leverages DenyAll layer 7 technology and a layer 3 anti-DDOS solution from Arbor Networks to prevent DNS cache poisoning, TCP stack, flooding & fragmentation attacks from bringing down your apps

Geo-based Policy

Cloud Protector can block requests from some countries, ensuring your web properties serve your targeted audiences well.

Geo-based Policy

You can configure Cloud Protector to block requests based on their geographic origin, so as to prevent unwanted traffic from consuming your web sites bandwidth, thus optimizing both costs and security.

Why hire Cloud Protector?

Discover why hiring Cloud Protector to secure your websites is the right decision for you.

  • Security automation

    Because you don’t have the time to administer an enterprise WAF for protecting your non-critical web apps & sites

  • Effective security

    Because you need the most common attacks targeting your Web apps to be blocked, without impacting user experience

  • Cloud scalability

    Because your websites traffic varies and you don’t want to deal with the complexities of scaling a WAF on your own premises

  • Zero administration

    Because you need to reduce the time spent administrating the WAF, can’t afford to deal with too many false positives

  • Backed by experts

    Because you know DenyAll’s team of application security experts is behind Cloud Protector, making sure it works for you

  • Cloud flexibility

    Because you need the flexibility to only hire Cloud Protector for a period of time, or for the longer haul

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