The new DenyAll is here

DenyAll is a European software vendor, an expert in next generation application security, building on 15 years of experience securing web applications and services. Following the purchase of VulnIT in July 2012, DenyAll is executing on its growth strategy by acquiring BeeWare in May 2014, another European security leader. With a broader portfolio and investment capability, the new DenyAll will deliver next generation application security to more customers worldwide, in the cloud and through its partner network.

A new corporate identity

The new corporate identity conveys the synergistic and additive nature of the merger. The orange color is the result of merging DenyAll’s red and BeeWare’s yellow. The logos are morphing into a ‘reload’ logo, which symbolizes the important new milestone.  The product offering, is now organized around the DetectProtectConnect and Manage keywords.

DenyAll acquires BeeWare, consolidates leadership to expand faster

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