DenyAll rWeb certified by French IT security agency

The French national agency for information security has granted rWeb and i-Suite, the company’s next generation web application firewalls, its first level security certification. rWeb and i-Suite are the first European products in the category to be certified. Designed to reinforce the security of public and private infrastructures in today’s global threat environment, it is ideally fitted to secure operators of vital importance.

Improving cyber-security for Operators of Vital Importance

These innovations are necessary in the face of modern threats. They enable the safe use of new web applications technologies and modern user interfaces, which make it a lot easier to share information.  They are essential in the context of attacks targeting national interests and broad cyber espionage.
“Public and private organizations can’t deal with today’s threats using traditional network security”, explains Jacques Sebag, CEO of DenyAll. “Specific and innovative tools are required to effectively fight against intrusion and data theft attempts, which now focus on Web applications.”
In many parts of the world, the Prism scandal is contributing to the realisation that American vendors are indeed cooperating with US intelligence agencies, within the boundaries of the Patriot Act, including outside of the USA. If anything, it serves to reinforce the need for organisations concerned with data privacy to favour European alternatives, when they exist. The French government is recommending the use of products certified by ANSSI, as part of its push for stronger cyber security measures to be used by public administrations and operators of vital importance.

Next steps: building awareness

DenyAll will continue to work with ANSSI in France and similar institutions in other countries, to raise the level of understanding on these issues. The company is leveraging its partners worldwide to help customers implement a security policy that meets today’s dangers: detecting vulnerabilities and protecting applications with best-of-breed, integrated security solutions is the way to go.

rWeb CSPN Certificate

iSuite CSPN Certificate