RELEASE NOTES: Vulnerability manager 7.0 is now available

Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity is proud to announce the release of Vulnerability Manager 7.0. This solution helps our customers identify vulnerabilities, in order to adjust their defenses and continuously improve their security. Built on an innovative technology platform, this software provides automatic asset inventory, comprehensive testing and efficient reporting, on a wide variety of security issues including web application development, OS, DB and network patch management and configuration.

Main changes

1.1  Enhancements

This new version 7.0 brings the following enhancements:

  • Operating System upgrade
  • Cartography mode
  • New administration role
  • External URL discovery

Operating System Upgrade

The operating system hosting Vulnerability Manager has been upgraded to version 18.04 of Ubuntu in order to provide the new Long Term Support version of Ubuntu along with the most recent security updates.

Cartography Mode

A new scan mode named “Cartography” has been added the Vulnerability Manager 7.0. This mode available when launching analysis of web sites only performs simple checks on SSL configuration and basic authentication tests. The cartography mode is designed to build a sitemap of the website as a swagger file containing all resources of the target.


Vulnerability Manager


New Administration Role

A new role as been named “Site administrator” added in Vulnerability Manager in the “User Management” panel to create users dedicated to the Master site or any probe of the architecture. Site administrators have full access to the assets discovered on their assigned sites.



External URL Discovery

In this new version of Vulnerability Manager, the external URL found in websites during analysis are now displayed in a dedicated table of the targets. This table allows discovery of any websites listed as an external URL.



1.2 Bug fixes

This version includes the following bug fixes:

  • BUG #8867 – Add group display is duplicated
  • BUG #9135 – Scan tasks broken after 6.7 migration
  • BUG #9286 – Various log management improvements
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