NEWS: 92% are satisfied with DenyAll, what about you?

Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to the DenyAll team. We are focusing on delivering quality and innovative products and services that delight you as a customer or partner. In everything we do, we strive to make sure every one of your interactions with us is a source of satisfaction. Per our new corporate signature, we want to ensure you enjoy working with us.  Like we enjoy working with you.

A few weeks ago, we posted a satisfaction survey on the my.denyall portal, sort of silently. Around 30 people have taken the time to take the questionnaire to date. And we’re glad to report that 92% of them are either satisfied or very satisfied with DenyAll. These early results are encouraging and we’re proud to share them with you. But mostly, we’d like to encourage more of you to participate.

Customer and partner satisfaction is one of our four corporate values. Your rating of our performance on this theme is important to us. Based on the data gathered so far, we seem to be doing well on ‘Customer satisfaction’ and ‘Succeeding together’, since voters gave us a 82% rating on both. With 93% satisfaction, the ‘Security’ value is the one voters rated us best on. 78% on the ‘Innovation’ value is not bad at all too.

To improve the statistical relevance of these numbers and gather more input on how we can serve you better, we look forward to hearing from more of you, our customers and partners. If you have access to the portal already, you won’t miss the survey when you next log in. If you don’t have access yet, feel free to request an account at In addition to being able to give us feedback, you’ll gain access to the DARC’s security advisories, the documentation and binaries of all our products and a number of cool features related to the management of your DenyAll products, including license key management and support tickets. The Partner Zone will give certified partners access to a number of tools in support of their presales, sales and marketing activities on our products.

The entire DenyAll team is looking forward to receiving more feedback from you on its products, services, the my.denyall platform and how we’re doing overall as a trusted application security partner. So, please go online and take a few minutes to fill the survey!

Stéphane de Saint Albin, VP Marketing & Business Development on LinkedinStéphane de Saint Albin, VP Marketing & Business Development on Twitter
Stéphane de Saint Albin, VP Marketing & Business Development
Stéphane is our marketing visionary and bizdev guru, with close to 20 years of experience in security. The father of our nextgen appsec story, he will not rest until you are convinced that DenyAll is the partner of choice to help you secure your digital business.

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