RELEASE NOTES: Denyall Vulnerability Manager 6.7, between improvements and customization

DenyAll Vulnerability Manager helps our customers identify vulnerabilities, in order to adjust their defenses and continuously improve their security. Built on an innovative technology platform, this software provides automatic asset inventory, comprehensive testing and efficient reporting, on a wide variety of security issues including web application development, OS, DB and network patch management and configuration. Today DenyAll is proud to present you the Vulnerability Manager version 6.7 release.

DenyAll Vulnerability Manager version 6.7 enhancements

This new version 6.7 brings the following enhancements:

  • REST and SOAP APIs injection
  • Progressive vulnerability discovery
  • Online report customization
  • Docker hosts scanner
  • Network scan customization
  • Group filters for websites

REST and SOAP APIs injection

The new version of Vulnerability Manager is now able to analyze SOAP and REST APIs. The Discovery panel has been modified to allow the upload of WSDL and Swagger files which will be used to add the corresponding APIs to the inventory. The WSDL and Swaggers files will also be used to crawl the APIs during analyze phases.

DenyAll Vulnerability ManagerProgressive vulnerability display

An improvement has been made in the way the vulnerabilities are displayed in the Inventory or Vulnerabilities panels in the new version of Vulnerability Manager. Now, vulnerabilities are displayed few moments after being detected and not all at once at the end of the scans to avoid waiting for the end of very long tasks to get results.

Online report customization

A new panel has been added to allow customization of the reports generated by Vulnerability Manager Enterprise Edition. Different fields are available such as header and footer and the possibility to replace the logo provided by default. It is also possible to save different templates which can be applied later to specific assets.

DenyAll Vulnerability ManagerDocker hosts scanner

A new vulnerability scanner has been added in this new version of Vulnerability Manager for Docker hosts. Vulnerability Manager is now able to automatically discover, deploy and run a tool on the Docker host to look for vulnerabilities in the Docker images.

Network scan customization

New options are available in the Discovery panel to choose the type of network packets used to discover new devices. By default, all options are enabled but it is now possible to uncheck unnecessary options to speed up devices discovery.

DenyAll Vulnerability ManagerGroup filters for websites

In the Infrastructure panel of DenyAll Vulnerability Manager Enterprise Edition, the group filters are now available for websites. Website can be added to group like devices and filters are applied regarding the website name or URL value. Filters are automatically applied when new websites are discovered and can also be applied on already discovered ones.

Bug fixes

This version includes the following bug fixes:

  • BUG #2683 – Error in DNS name
  • BUG #7762 – Upgrade of Portable Edition fails
  • BUG #8472 – A scanned asset with no vuln has no score
  • BUG #8474 – Allow task duration > 24h

Update now your Vulnerability Manager and enjoy these new improvements!


Xavier Quoniam, Marketing Manager on Linkedin
Xavier Quoniam, Marketing Manager
Xavier is our Marketing Manager. He is passionate about disruptive technologies that transform how companies communicate. He brings us its passion, curiosity, and fresh ideas to promote DenyAll and Cloud Protector at its best.
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