RELEASE NOTES: Denyall Vulnerability Manager 6.6, between improved scans and new dashboards

DenyAll Vulnerability Manager helps our customers identify vulnerabilities, in order to adjust their defenses and continuously improve their security. Built on an innovative technology platform, this software provides automatic asset inventory, comprehensive testing and efficient reporting, on a wide variety of security issues including web application development, OS, DB and network patch management and configuration. Today DenyAll is proud to present you the Vulnerability Manager version 6.6 release.

DenyAll Vulnerability Manager version 6.6 enhancements

This new version 6.6 brings the following enhancements:

CVE scan improvements
With version 6.6 of Vulnerability Manager, a new pop-up is displayed when running a scan on a device. This pop-up allows the user decide if a full scan of the device must be done or if the scan must focus on specific CVEs.

Vulnerability Manager 6.6

Top level charts in dashboard
The Top level charts added in reports of version 6.5 of Vulnerability Manager are now available in the Home page of the product. They are updated in real-time and can still be generated in PDF format. The design of those charts as also been improved for better lisibility.

Vulnerability Manager 6.6

Temporal charts in dashboard
New charts have been introduced with Vulnerability Manager 6.6 to display information about the number of vulnerable hosts and vulnerabilities by criticity over time. These charts are available in the Home page of the product next to the new Top level charts.

Vulnerability Manager 6.6

Drag & Drop in inventory
In the Inventory panel, it is now possible to drag and drop devices or websites between groups of the site they belong to.

Multi-criteria search for vulnerabilities
A new button “Advanced filters” has been added in the “Vulnerabilities” panel to enable more search fields on vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Manager 6.6

Vulnerability based scan
Vulnerabilities can now be selected and tested separately to know if they have been correctly fixed by the new “Retest” button available in all panel displaying vulnerabilities such as “Assets Inventory”, “Vulnerabilities” or “Tickets”. When used, the “Retest” button will automatically schedule a new “Vulnerability Search” task but limited to the selected vulnerabilities. Thus, the scan duration will be greatly reduced.

Vulnerability Manager 6.6

Discovery and scan results sent through syslog
A new tab named “Syslog vulnerabilities export” has been added in the “Network” panel. In this tab, it is possible to enable results of discoveries and scans through syslog. Each device or website discovery and each vulnerability will be sent in XML format to the configured syslog server.

Vulnerability Manager 6.6

Audit logs sent through syslog
Vulnerability Manager audit logs can now be exported through syslog. A new option in the “Logs configuration” tab of the “Network” panel allows configuration of a syslog for audit logs. The logs can still be stored locally in database if needed.

Vulnerability Manager version 6.6

Bug fixes

This version includes the following bug fixes:

  • BUG #7894 – Classification filters on probes not applied BUG #7289 – Improve ldap sync error return
  • BUG #7286 – Impossible to delete users assigned to tickets BUG #6864 – SNMP port is closed during analyze
  • BUG #6543 – Segmentation fault when creating reports with huge number of vulnerabilities BUG #6492 – Not possible to create report tasks on disconnected sites
  • BUG #5542 – URL not crawled during scans on probes no more listed in reports
  • BUG #4059 – Too many web subdirectories reported as “Remote administration interface”

Update now your Vulnerability Manager and enjoy these new improvments!

Xavier Quoniam, Marketing Manager on Linkedin
Xavier Quoniam, Marketing Manager
Xavier is our Marketing Manager. He is passionate about disruptive technologies that transform how companies communicate. He brings us its passion, curiosity, and fresh ideas to promote DenyAll and Cloud Protector at its best.
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