EVENT: DenyAll will be at La Nuit du Hack for a Bug Bounty in Paris on June 24-25

This year again, DenyAll will be sponsoring Nuit du Hack, which takes place on June 24 and 25 in Paris. We are setting up a new bug bounty, with a view to testing the effectiveness of the security engines added to the DenyAll Web Application Firewall platform in the last 2 years. In 2015, 200 white hat hackers from around the world attempted to bypass our defense mechanisms. The analysis of the attack data helped the team identify several areas of improvement, now built into the product. In 2017, we will be chaining multiple engines, including advanced ones based on grammatical analysis, our new sitemap and innovative User Reputation Scoring mechanism. If you are attending Nuit du Hack, please stop by and say hello.

Take up the NDH 2017 challenge and win a free ticket entrance!

La Nuit du Hack is a prestigious French event that brings together the global elite of hackers. To participate to this event, you need to deserve it! That’s why DenyAll gives you the opportunity to win an entrance ticket if you are one of the five first to take up the challenge “NDH 2017”. But how to participate to this challenge?

First, you have to find the hidden URL in this webpage to enter the challenge. Did you find it? Yes? Well done! You can now go to the second step to win your entrance tickets to La Nuit du Hack. Good luck!

Xavier Quoniam, Marketing Manager on Linkedin
Xavier Quoniam, Marketing Manager
Xavier is our Marketing Manager. He is passionate about disruptive technologies that transform how companies communicate. He brings us its passion, curiosity, and fresh ideas to promote DenyAll and Cloud Protector at its best.