Meeting your application security needs

DenyAll is a European software vendor, an expert in application security since the late 90’s. We have been securing Web Applications and Services for demanding customers in all verticals, including Financial Services, Energy, Defense, Government and Services. Our products help detect vulnerabilities in your IT assets, protect your IT against attacks targeting the application layer, connect users to the applications that let them share and transact, and manage your application security posture.

Discover how DenyAll meets your application security needs

Detecting vulnerabilities

Understanding the nature and specificities of web applications is critical to protecting them. DenyAll Vulnerability Manager helps you discover all your IT assets and their vulnerabilities, mitigate them to reduce your potential attack surface. DenyAll Web Application Firewall maps the structure of your applications and lets you manage their logic and data flow. Together, they enable the virtual patching of vulnerabilities and the provisioning of a security policy for unprotected applications.

Protecting your IT infrastructure

Attackers focus primarily on the application layer, the universal entry point into your IT. All web-enabled applications are targeted, even the less critical ones and those running inside the perimeter. Deploying a WAF is a must, whatever the size of your organization, in combination with your network firewall or intrusion prevention system. DenyAll Web Application Firewall and DenyAll Web Services Firewall provide superior manageability and innovative filtering for effectively securing your IT.

Connecting securely your users

In a web-enabled IT, users need to access many web applications. Making their life easier is critical to securing the data exposed by those applications. DenyAll Web Access Manager provides single sign on capabilities for all web applications and helps enforce the authentication policy required for each of them. DenyAll Client Shield protects authenticated sessions from man-in-the-browser threats running silently on user devices.

Managing your application security

Application security controls need to be deployed wherever your applications live, both in your perimeter and in the cloud. Analyzing and exploiting the data generated by these controls is as essential as deploying them. DenyAll Management Console provides the ability to provision policy from a central location and measure its effectiveness. DenyAll Vulnerability Manager generates reports allowing you to ensure your security posture improves over time.