Training: DenyAll WAF, WSF and WAM

This training is carried out on the latest stable version of the products, its contents are therefore regularly updated to incorporate the latest features and innovations. Therefore, the below schedule reflects only the outline that will be covered during the training. Each module consists of a theoretical part at first followed by a second portion oriented practice through various workshops.


The training is based on a program made up of 50% theory and 50% practical exercises, for each product you will work on the following points:

Web Application Firewall: 

– Set up and configuration of DenyAll WAF
– Security, attacks and defense
– Reliability and continuity of the traffic
– Performance et optimization
– Administration
– Troubleshooting and Diagnostic

Web Service Firewall:

– Compliance schema
– Encryption
– Signature
– Workflow Workshops

Web Access Manager:

– Perimeter authentification
– Web SSO
– Authorization Policies
– Management of logs
– Customization
– Troubleshooting and diagnostics

Goal: Obtaining knowledge and experience necessary to install, configure, maintain, monitor and diagnose DenyAll products.



To ensure the success of the training, you will need:

– a laptop computer, architecture 64 with at least 4Go of RAM
– a recent browser is required, and must have a software or an extension allowing HTTP tracking (httpfox, httpwatch…)
– Virtualization solution (VMWare, VirtualBox, …)



To ensure the success of  all the training, you will need to have:

– Knowledge of HTTP / HTTPS and TCP / IP network protocols
– Basic knowledge of the proxy technology reverses
– Basic knowledge of regular expressions
– Basic knowledge of the Linux System Administration

Specific needs to DenyAll WAM:

– Basic knowledge of web application authentication and / or SAML
– Basic knowledge of LDAP / Active directory / PKI
– Basic knowledge of HTML

Specific needs to DenyAll WSF:

– Knowledge of XML standards XSD, WSDL
– Basic knowledge of Web Services



This training targets the following profiles:

– Security engineer and network engineer
– Security administrator



Trainer profile for DenyAll Web Application Firewall:

The trainer will be a DenyAll pre-sale engineer or a security consultant.



More information about the training:

Duration: 5 days, fom 9 am to 5:30 pm
Location: DenyAll, 6 avenue de la Cristallerie, 92310 Sèvres, FRANCE
Price: 5 000€ before taxes

If you need any further information about this training or another one, don’t hesitate to contact us.