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Forrester Technology Adoption Profile - Application Security

Web Application Firewalls: A Scalable, Secure, And Flexible Option For Securing An Enterprise

In the first quarter of 2013, DenyAll commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey of 50 European organizations (based in Germany, UK and France) regarding their approach to securing web applications.


Executive Summary

Forrester’s Forrsights Security Survey, Q2 2012 highlighted that many organizations lose data at least once a year. Strengthening application security is part of a layered approach, but it’s hindered by the fact that companies struggle to hire and maintain secure coding-savvy talent to build security applications and secure legacy, and many times closed-web applications, in a scalable fashion. Although security training for developers is an option, it’s not an immediate solution and can be slow; this is why firms increasingly turn to web application firewalls (WAFs). WAFs offer easy-to-implement and layered capabilities to: 1) defend against common attacks, cross-site scripting, and code injection; 2) provide virtual patching for application vulnerability; and 3) help with monitoring and optimizing application performance in a scalable and comprehensive way and to meet ever-increasing requirements arising out of increasing time-to-market pressures.


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